Felted slippers and mittens

The last few days I’ve made 3 pairs of felted slippers, each pair different from the others. I didn’t have any knitting pattern for the slippers, but I think they all turned out to be wonderful thick and warm slippers.

I kept one pair and gave away one right away, the third I’ll use as a present.

I’ve bought some really lovely yarn online lately. One skein «Twin» from Wollmeise, and 3 skeins «Kauni» pre-yarn.

I have long wanted to make mittens using the Bosnian crochet-technique. I have never tried that technique before, but I found it real simple to learn.




I started and finished the mittens yesterday, and had time to get the felting done in the washer before I went to bed. The mittens are lovely and will make someone’s hands warm in the coming winter.









Today is my older sister’s birthday, and I have made her a present wrapped in newspaper.




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