Thoughts in the New Year

First of all: A Happy New Year To All My Readers!

New year with new possibilities, hope it gets better than the last. Although I did not write much about things was a lot that was not so nice last year. I lost an aunt to cancer and my «grandma» to old age. Another aunt got cancer diagnosis. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which seems trifle when I think of my aunties and their cancer. I hope this will be a better year for my family.
I managed to keep myself mentally healthy, despite of my bipolar disorder and no contact with psychiatry or medication.

My hope for the new year is that I and all my loved ones will have as good health as possible.

My New Year’s resolution is to be as active as I can and eat healthier, as well as to continue to be creative with yarn and needles.

All The best wishes for the new year to all of you
Hugs 🙂

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