Fimbul – my latest sweater

I fell in love with this sweater some years ago, but I never got around to buy the yarn to knit it before November 2014. I started knitting and in a few days was close to completing it before I put it aside to work on Christmas gifts. A few days ago I decided it was about time I finished it. Yesterday it was completed and I am so happy about it. I think I almost will be living in this sweater as long as we have this cold period here in North of Norway. P1640952_edited-1 P1640946_edited-1 10931681_10153087287907053_6177171047375053605_oI may be a tiny bit depressed these days, I didn’t recognize it before I uploaded the first 2 pictures but I do look depressed and as I think about it I see it more clearly. I knit and I think the depression will pass soon.

Here are some of FO’s  from last year:

One response to “Fimbul – my latest sweater

  1. both you and the sweater are lovely. I am sure knitting will cure your depression, it is a wonderful soothing activity. Hang in there, spring is coming closer every day.

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